CJS Securities


The Nitty-Gritty

CJS Securities (Pty) Ltd gives our clients a comprehensive brokerage service in derivatives across all major markets. CJS Securities (Pty) Ltd will provide clients with market views to allow them to make informed decisions on how to manage their risk and trade derivatives on their behalf, giving all our clients exposure to the global markets.

All our derivative brokers have years of experience, are immersed in the markets, and are fully equipped to trade in all derivatives.

CJS Securities (Pty) Ltd will always ensure your orders are executed and handled professionally and timeously to provide the best execution services.

Commodity Derivatives

Portfolio diversity beyond traditional securities is critical, however, is there a concern with the market volatility?

CJS Securities (Pty) Ltd provides a platform for price discovery and efficient price risk management.

CJS Securities (Pty) Ltd can assist our clients in trading listed Futures and Options on the grains, oilseeds, soft goods, metals, and energy in both international and local markets.

  • Grains include international and local maize and wheat
  • Oilseeds include both global and regional sunflowers and soybeans
  • Consumer goods include coffee, cocoa, sugar and cotton
  • Metals include gold, platinum, silver, and copper
  • Energy includes crude oil, diesel, natural gas, and heating oil

By trading commodity derivatives through Futures and Options, CJS Securities (Pty) Ltd can provide our clients with the ability to manage their price risk in the underlying physical market. 

Currency Derivatives

Need to hedge your foreign exchange risk?

CJS Securities (Pty) provides access to foreign currency markets using listed futures and options, allowing clients to hedge against currency risk, speculate on foreign exchange rates and diversify internationally.

CJS Securities (Pty) Ltd offers a wide range of currency derivatives on the Rand, tracking the exchange rate against:

  • US Dollar
  • Euro
  • Australian Dollar
  • British Pound
  • Japanese Yen

Local Equity Derivatives

Looking for exposure to equity stocks or indices?

CJS Securities (Pty) Ltd can invest in Equity Derivatives on our client’s behalf, by constructing and offering a wide variety of strategies and products, which allow our clients to hedge their risk. These are done on single stocks, a customized basket of stocks, or an index of stocks.

International Equity Derivatives

Seeking offshore exposure and diversification?

CJS Securities (Pty) Ltd are exchange specialists and will align with our client requirements. We give our clients exposure to internationally listed blue-chip shares, allowing our clients to trade on the price movements of Listed Futures and Options in Foreign Equity Markets.

Besides our clients not needing exchange control permissions or foreign trading accounts, contracts are cash-settled in Rands and accessible through CJS Securities (Pty).